For My Nephew

You are not my own
Yet I held myself
When I held you.

Stars freckle your sky face
Freckled like your mother
That which I do not share.

Nor do I have
Your turned-up nose.

Your azure eyes
We all have.
Light on a torch
Beaming back.

Your eyes
Your mother's eyes
Your grandmother's eyes
Your great-grandmother's eyes
(whose I still see so clearly)

The light she carried from others who said
"Bonjour" and "Au demain"
"Ferme la porte!" and "Je t'aime!"

A Cavern of Mirrors / Origami

Thoughts and images fill my head but don't connect 
to the words and phrases that would 
leave my mouth and connect me to you.

So I sit, a cavern of mirrors, 
reflecting my thoughts onto myself, 
and only myself.

My arms fold against my chest and start 
the forever inward folding, 
away from you, away from what I want.

I look like an asshole when the words elude me.
My forged bravery is a sham, and 
I am now all alone in this room.