I Found You in a Closet Curled

I found you in a closet curled
and mopping up the dust

Now I've hung you to my bedroom wall
and framed you up in glass

To reminisce my summer youth
Peaks, valleys, gushing streams

And promise of adventure's future
Under snow and leafy green

Although somedays I cannot see
Beyond the sunset of tomorrow

For now I doze beneath your frame
And mountain dreams I borrow

This was written for a prompt by dVerse Poet’s Pub (link below) that I stumbled across today. The prompt was as follows: “So – here’s what I’m asking you to do today. Walk around your house and look at all the things hanging there: on walls, in closets, on your refrigerator door, etc. Pick something that “speaks to you” and use that as the basis for today’s poem.” This was fun! I look forward to more prompts 🙂


19 thoughts on “I Found You in a Closet Curled

  1. Loved this! It’s true….we find posters or pieces of art or old photographs and somehow they “speak to us”— and we hang them from our walls, sometimes framing them. Love the entire story you narrate within your poem…and most especially these lines:
    “For now I doze beneath your frame
    And mountain dreams I borrow”
    We have a few paintings in our bedroom that are right in my vision line when I wake up in the morning. Two are of beautiful scenes in nature, full of sunshine and joy. And no matter the weather, the darkness before the dawn, when I see them, I always smile and think the day holds promises for me. 🙂
    So glad you posted!

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    1. Thank you Lillian! And thank you for providing the prompt for today. This was my first prompt response and I enjoyed the process of it. Your comments made me smile. I’m glad you were able to connect with what I wrote 🙂


  2. For me At Least iT iS Finding
    Poetry Dance And Song
    iN ALL Stuff LiFE Even
    Every Word And
    Every Letter
    to: thE Tools LoVinGLY
    We Make For From: This Blood
    Way All Of LiFE IS A PoETrY
    PRompT OuR PearL to: CoLoR MoRE..:)

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  3. I purchase artwork (usually original paintings but I have a few statues and other mementos) that remind me of my favorite places…

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  4. Oh i like the idea of borrowing a mountain’s dream – what a lovely line to play through my head as I fall asleep- I’m thinking of trying them all- mountains, trees, brooks, sheep! Much nicer than counting the poor things.

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